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Stephanie Wagstaff
Council Officer

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Coleshill Teenage Market

Join us for our 2nd Teenage Market in Coleshill!

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Do you have a passion for crafting, creating or performing? The Teenage Market is your stage to shine!

We’ve got a performance area as well where you can unleash your inner superstar! Sing, dance, crack jokes, or recite poetry – it’s up to you.

The marketplace will pop up in the heart of Coleshill along St Peter’s Walk, the perfect spot to charm and delight weekend shoppers with what you’re selling on your stall and your performances.

Ready to showcase your talents or set up shop? Best part? It won’t cost you a penny to snag a spot. No time like the present – sign up today!

(Please note we require a responsible adult to supervise participants under the age of 16 for the duration of the market)

See you there!