Take advantage of powerful features to make running your
Teenage Markets incredibly simple and easy

  • Create & Edit Events

    Use our powerful online portal to create as many Teenage Market events as you want.

  • Digital Applications

    Keep track of who has applied to take part in your events through simple digital applications.

  • Automated Emails

    Have automated reminder emails sent out to traders & performers before each event

  • Geolocation Integration

    We make it easy for your traders and performers to find out exactly how to get to your events.

  • Stock Imagery

    Our stock images from previous events are great to use in any of your pre-event publicity

  • Download Templates

    We provide design templates for banners, posters and flyers for you to fully customise.


Experience the benefits The Teenage Market can bring
to your high street, town centre and market area

  • Increase footfall

    Drive footfall by running events which bring the local community of your town together

  • Drive spend in the area

    Give your local economy a boost with the attention that events will bring to your town centre

  • New market traders

    Attract the next generation of market traders by giving young entreprenuers a free platform

  • Generate publicity

    Get positive publicity for your town on the radio, in the press, on television and online.

  • Animate your town

    Bring the buzz back to your town with music, dance and drama performed in your market square

  • Connect with schools

    Create new connections with local schools, colleges and university students


Purchase one of our licence packages for your town or city and benefit from our powerful features when running your events

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