Towns grew up around the site of regular markets. Many of today's thriving communities owe their existence to the market in their midst. Markets in South Holland are held in Spalding, Crowland, Holbeach and Long Sutton.

All 4 of South Hollands markets have royal charters:

Crowland - 1460
Holbeach - 1252
Long Sutton - 1202
Spalding - 1252

All of our markets are held weekly throughout the year. Spalding on a Tuesday and Saturday, Holbeach on Thursdays and Long Sutton on a Friday.

South Holland Markets date back to medieval times. Generations of local families have traded on out sites for hundreds of years. Each market has an ancient architectural landmark bearing witness to the age of this gathering place.
Crowland's unique triangular bridge, for example, is a reminder of the times of Hereward the Wake, when Crowland was an island in the midst of a very swampy landscape. Henry VI gave Crowland its market charter in 1460.
Long Sutton market stand in the shadow of the Parish Church of St Mary and was awarded it's charter in 1202.
Ayscoughfee Hall is a well known relic in Spalding which was awarded it's market charter in 1252. Lady Godiva is also known to have ridden through the streets of Spalding in the 11th century.
Holbeach which has the Parish Church of All Saints in the centre of town is known to have also been awarded its market charter in 1252, by King Henry III.

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