I am going to be selling handmade tie dye t shirts!

I have been inspired by my mum who made and sold tie dye clothing and accessories as a way to make money throughout university! I love tie dye myself because I love the way that everything I have made is different, that every item of tie dye is unique, every one has a different slight variation of colour or pattern from the next. I love the way that whatever I make for someone it will not be the same as any of their friends!

I have in the past made several t shirts for members of my family and friends, all of which have been a huge success! Everyone seems to like the bright colours and unique patterns!

I myself do several different patterns; see photos for more details!

Maya Rachel Diprose does not currently have any upcoming Teenage Market events.

trader Details

  • Salisbury
  • 16 years old
  • Burgate school and sixth form centre